The German Kölsch

Brewed by:

Sünner Brauerei

Brewed in:

Cologne, Germany

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 21


Pilsener Malt


Hallertauer Tradition, Perle, Aurora


12 x 50cl Bottle

The German

Pure German Brewing,
from the Oldest Kölsch
Brewery in the World


Kölsch is clean style beer, like a lager, that is made using ale yeast, and can only be made in Cologne, Germany, being one of the few types of beer that has a protected geographical indication. Our Kölsch is authentic and pure, from the oldest Kölsch brewery in the world.

Sünner Brewery and Distillery was established in 1830 on the right bank of the Rhine. It is the oldest Kölsch brewery in the world and it has always been family owned. Open fermentation at Sünner brewery takes place in a specially constructed room, so the yeast they use for fermenting our amazing Kölsch lives naturally, untouched by man – like a brewing gift from the gods. Craft brewing comes in many forms and this ultimately traditional, but highly skilled approach, is unique and special, and so is the liquid it produces.

Sommelier Tasting Note

Freshness and purity is at the heart of this beer. With flavours of granola, freshly-cut grass, fruity esters and a clean, creamy finish, this Kölsch is the ultimate refreshment.