The English Stout

Brewed by:

Adnams Brewery

Brewed in:

Suffolk, England

ABV: 4.2%

IBU: 32


Pale Ale Malt, Oats, Brown, Double Roasted Crystal, Chocolate, Roasted Barley




12 x 50cl Bottle

The English

Brewery Heritage
since 1345, for a Six Malt,
Coffee and Chocolate
flavoured Stout

With local barley from East Anglia, and hops from Kent, this stout is loaded with a hefty six different types of malt for a full-bodied, rich flavour profile brimming with coffee and chocolate.

The first record of brewing on Adnams site was back in 1345, so the town of Southwold has a long history for brewing beer. Adnams was established in 1872 by two brothers, and it has been a family-run business since then. This outstanding company is not only a historic independent brewer, but also a master of hand-crafted spirits, and they have their own wine merchant business across the UK. A truly modern craft brewer with a long history for producing high quality beer.

Sommelier Tasting Note

An amazing stout with aromas of coffee beans, dark chocolate, and a dry-roasted bitterness. Silky smooth, the roasted characteristics of this beer are light and delicate, but reminds you of walking into your favourite coffee house. The beer is full-bodied, due to a big amount of malt used, and you will hit upon traces of sweet nuttiness, caramel and raisins.