The English Pale Ale

Brewed by:

Sambrook’s Brewery

Brewed in:

London, England

ABV: 4.2%

IBU: 32


Maris Otter Pale


Admiral, Goldings,Wakatua


12x50cl Bottle

The English
Pale Ale

Authentic British
Brewing from the
Historical Heart
of London

In a world where intense hop flavours have dominated the craft beer market, this amazing, delicate and suppable pale ale is instantly drinkable and totally refreshing. Every detail of British brewing at its best is represented in this beer. Locally farmed British hops and Maris Otter pale malt are used, showcasing the best flavours available in traditional British microbrewing.

The river Wandle runs literally underneath and through this brewery, based in the longest continual brewing site in the UK (since 1533). The site has its own Heritage centre for visitors which showcases century old mash tuns, bottles, and other brewing equipment. Sambrook’s is the oldest independent brewery in London, going since 2008, and they are multiple award winners for their ability to brew outstanding British ales.

Sommelier Tasting Note

As you pour out this beer the first thing that strikes you is the enchanting bright gold colour of this pale ale. Like a gleaming beacon you feel drawn to it. This beer truly reminds you of the English countryside with aromas of lavender honey, spice and orange marmalade.