The Czech Pilsner

Brewed by:

Kutná Hora Town Brewery

Brewed in:

Central Bohemia, Czech Republic

ABV: 4.9%

IBU: 35


Pilsner, Munich


Sladek, Saaz


20 x 50cl Bootle

The Czech

Double Decoction
Brewing, for Double
the Flavour

Around the world, decoction brewing is becoming a forgotten art, but we found it alive and well in the amazing town of Kutná Hora. This time-consuming process enhances the body of beer, giving a bready flavour profile with a more rounded character and darker colour. Our high-quality Pilsner uses open fermentation techniques, soft Bohemian water for a light, clean finish, and has an eight-week maturation period in cool cellars.

Established in 1573, only 50 years after the town of Kutná Hora was granted its brewing rights, Kutná Hora Brewery has changed property several times facing, at the same time, many challenges. It has been the determination of the residents of the town and the pride behind the product that has enabled the brewery to continue to produce its iconic beers almost five centuries later. Nowadays, the brewery has connected back to their origins as it’s supported by Katerina Daczická, a descendant of the brewery’s founders.

Sommelier Tasting Note

This pale Bohemian Pilsner with flavours of freshly baked bread and grassy, herbal hops is a truly clean lager. A true classic of the Czech Pilsner style, using the original decoction brewing method.