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As we travel across the most traditional brewing continent in the world, we forge new relationships
and discover hidden gems in the world of craft brewing. We then partner with these brewers to
bring to the world collections of exceptional quality craft beer, all brewed independently, and with a
high degree of skill and craftmanship.

Each collection is based on varying criteria, but the promise of independent brewing and high quality
craftmanship is at the heart of every brew. Our team of beer sommeliers carefully assess and select
every product of our Craeft Masters collections to ensure the highest quality craft beer.

Heritage Collection

Celebrating both the rich traditions of the countries where the different beer styles are originally
from, and the legacies of the families who have dedicated centuries to their perfection, Craft
Beverages presents the Beer Heritage Collection. In this first Collection, we bring together the beer
styles that gave fame to the European beer craftsmanship. Our beer experts have carefully chosen
products that showcase the most impressive heritage linked to either family traditions or the history
of the brewing sites to represent the most renowned traditional European beer styles.

The journey took us from London to Bavaria and from Flanders to Czech to find the six products
that showcase the European beer heritage at its highest.